Obeying the law in SIngapore

When I first moved here I was really surprised the first time I found an illegal CD shop in a shopping mall operating like any other business and filled with customers. I could not understand how this could happen? Over time I found many more such shops open in other malls or shopping centers, once while in Simm Lim there was a guy selling X-rated DVD along the pathway, DVD’s could also be found in the Roswell area of little India and Geylang both in the day or night, they were not had to find by any means. I had to ask myself how can this be done and where are the police?

Life in Singapore

I have been living in Singapore since October 2001 so I thought I would share some more of my thoughts about this island country with you. Since I started coming to Singapore back in 1999 on a regular basic when I was in the U. S. Navy so I have come to see Singapore in a much different light now. Mostly due to the fact that I have had a chance to be among the locals and learn about the surrounding unlike when I was just here on my 1 or 2 week visit. When I started working it really gave me the chance to learn even more since I was coming in contact with so many different people and from a wider background.

My thoughts on Asia

Unlike any place else in the world Asia has to be the most talked about by it visitors from around the world. This land of beauty and mystery draws people from all over the world with many of them returning and some making it their homes for life. So what is it that draws some many people to the region? It is a combination of things not unlike any other place in the world but what make a person want to move from their native land and take up permanent residency in a land where most of the time the language is unknown and has to be learned plus the life style is so different from what they were raised in?

The Man Behind the Site

I Have lived in Singapore since October 2001 when I decided to return after 9/11 while I was in Canada looking for work to be with my wife. Like everyone else in the world I had no clue what was coming next and wanted to be her, my wife is Singaporean. Now you have to know that back in 1998 I was telling all my buddies after I retired from the Navy in 2001 I was going to move to the Philippines and live there so the move to Southeast Asia was always on my mind.