My thoughts on Asia

Unlike any place else in the world Asia has to be the most talked about by it visitors from around the world. This land of beauty and mystery draws people from all over the world with many of them returning and some making it their homes for life. So what is it that draws some many people to the region? It is a combination of things not unlike any other place in the world but what make a person want to move from their native land and take up permanent residency in a land where most of the time the language is unknown and has to be learned plus the life style is so different from what they were raised in?

Why Asia?

Speaking for myself, I will share why Asia appealed to me and why I made the move from my native country of America. While serving in the Navy I had the chance to travel to many countries in Asia and with each new country I visited I saw a way of life that to me was foreign by nature yet at the same time agreed with me and my own way of thinking. The life style was at times more relaxed and many still held strongly to old fashion values and traditions in which they where raised. It was like moving back in time but still having your modern amenities to enjoy.  


The landscape is breath taking and has a beauty all of its own from the rice fields in the mountains in the Philippines to the Great Wall of China or the Golden Buddha’s of Thailand. Every where you go throughout Asia you are surrounded by lands that are full of rich history. You will meet people that for the most part will welcome you regardless of where you come from and invite you to learn about their country, traditions, and food. They will treat you with a respect that is unlike any other treatment you’ll have from other countries in the Americas or Europe.

Think like an American

I couldn’t and didn’t want to think like an American and try to make judgment on a country and the way they lived their lives, customs or traditions. If I had done that I would have missed what made that country what it was and set it apart from other places in the world. In this world there is no right or wrong and no one rule that would ever work world wide due to the various religions, locations, financial strength of the country, or traditions.

I had to accept what each place had and how it got to be the way it was. Sure there are things I may have totally disagreed with that they did or some of their thoughts on different things but this was their way of life and these actions have been going on in many case for thousands of years so who was I to judge?

Large numbers of people live in small towns or villages and are not educated while others live in large modern cities and are highly educated are so you have a mix that ranges from one extreme to the other.

Unfortunately those that come from the smaller area in country often fall pray to the hustlers from their countries and from those abroad who take advantage of their low financial status and poor education.


Asia is a region where you can find the life style that best suits you for a fraction of what it would cost you if you lived in America for example. You can chose to live in a large city or a hit top village, a beach front hut or in a farming area. What ever your heart seeks you’ll find and you’ll truly enjoy your stay in Asia. You have the quite life or the hot and spicy life where sexual adventures are waiting around every corner to fulfill your ever desire.

So why are Asian girls’ sots out for marriage by so many foreign men? Asian women have a mystery about them to most all non-Asian men. It’s hard to say why this true, it could be from the stories that have come down over the centuries about their beauty or their demeanor. It could also be that many look so young and they have slim bodies which is an appeal to some men or unlike girls from the other continents. Some times the girls are asked to marry before even being seen by the man that has been in contract with her. Again it could be for that longing for a better life for herself in a different land, financial stability and a decent future. The Asian woman that has decided to marry a foreigner will in somecases set no limit on his age. If she is 25 years of age she may marry a man at an age of 50 or even 55. So it is not hard to understand why a man of this age would look to Asia for a bride if was seeking a younger wife, there are plenty to chose from.

Asian has a totally different outlook on life and how it should lived and this also appeals to a man who is looking for a wife especially if he was married before. What ever it is Asia draws men from all over the world though dating and marriage services to just to having a great time in the many night spots there are in each city.

The girls working in the clubs as dancers, hostess, or guest relation officers (GRO) are a breed of their own kind. Ranging in age from 18 to 30 (some are older and even younger) for the majority. These are the girls that are mostly met by the visitors to Asian countries now a day since the night life is a main attraction for many men that visit the region. Depending on the bars set up will vary on what action will happen in the bar. While some countries are more strict than other on the operations of the clubs it doesn’t really seam to matter when the money starts to be spent. In just about any club should it be a high class disco, hotel lobby bar, strip bar or go-go bar you’ll find working girls in the crowd. This is just the way life in Asia, be it from the economics misfortunes of the poor or the exploration of its women to make a profit for those that are in the power to be.

While I was in the Philippines in the Navy we had a saying, “You can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl”. Many service men found this out when they married one of the bar girls and took her to the states only to find out that while on deployment she was up to her old bar tricks she did when he meet her or she was just waiting for that Green card to show up before she left him since that is all she may have wanted in the first place.

After the Vietnam War and most of the American soldiers returned home and that was when Thailand and the Philippines realized there was money to made by advertising these places for single males to visit and enjoy the night life like the soldiers offend did while on leave from the war. Since then Thailand and the Philippines have become two of the best known locations for “the sex tours” in which men sign up for from a week to 2 and travel around visiting all the hot sex locations in a given area and having girls offered to them at nearly nothing in the way of cost. These tours go to many different countries in Asia so no place goes untouched by these tours.

Many of the girls come from out laying area around the big cities while other may come from hundreds miles away to work in the sex industry where the opportunity to earn money which is a lot better and a lot more then working in one of the over crowded factory were working conditions are bad. The very saddest of part Asia, like many other part of the undeveloped world, is that some of the girls are forced in the sex industry when they are kidnapped or bought from their families for very small amounts of money offered to them with stories that she will be working in some other field of employment.

While in some places the daughters are given to another to work as a prostitute to pay off a bill that is owned by the family. For those that choose to work willing they will travel to any location around the world to ply their trade and earn as much cash as they can before their visa run out and they have to move on to another location to work. For the masses staying in their native country will provided more then enough opportunity to meet men in the bigger cities but sometimes the real money is over seas or in resorts locations scatters around Asia.

On the other side of the coin you have the local woman that is educated, holds a good job and has a career started if not her own business. These women have big plans for their lives and are not in a big hurry to marry. They tend to choose their men more carefully and are a lot more selective in the characteristics of the men they date. Being established in her life and playing by her own rules these women are self confident and not easily fooled. You’ll find that they make great companions or friends for life. If you should be lucky enough to marry one of these girls you will have faithful wife for life, but if you do her wrong and your life will become a living hell from the wrath of her fury! It’s always like that thou when you do a woman wrong?

In the clubs these up scale women are fairly easy to talk to depending on your approach when you first make contact and then it is like dating any other girl in the world you would meet under the same circumstances. If you get that second date and her correct telephone number will depend on how you treat her. One thing that the men from the states have to understand is to forget the stories about Asian girls that they heard from their dad’s, brother and friends that were in the military. Why do I say this, many of the stories, but not all, are base on experiences that happen in bars that were in major military locations. Most of the girls they meet were not in the same class as the educated girls that were around because they avoided the military guys for obvious reasons. But what happens is that the stories left a lasting impression that all Asian girls are whores and could be had with little to no effort.

Some advice

Another item to note is what are the dating traditions in that country, doing your home work will go a long way when it comes to making that fist move on the lady you can can’t resist any longer. I know it sounds old fashion but some of these countries are like that.

So going about it will show the respect she deserves and that you are truly interested in her and traditions of her country.

Well what ever your reasons are for travelling to Asia even if it your first or fifth trip you’ll surely enjoy your visit to the area. Like any other place in the world that you may travel to always take the proper precautions to safe guard your valuables.

Not everyone is your friend as you well known, girls from the clubs on the lower scale will slip drugs into your drinks and pick-pockets target foreign visitors all the time. If you should decide to spend you time with any of the locals always have protection so you can continue to have a great vacation.

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