actor, writer, director, producer

David Paul Baker was born in Scotland in 1966. His father was a movie fan, so he spent a lot of his childood watching US blockbusters in the cinema. When the VHS market exploded, he also became a fan of US indie personal and exploitation genre films.

He moved to London in his twenties to study acting. He took part-time classes at the Lee Strasberg Studio, but he gained most of his experence from working on student films, and micro budget feature films. “My ambition is simply to make great movies. Industry movies, but also smaller experimental direct to market movies I own. I could never make films purely because of the money.

I don’t need to be mega rich or famous, but I do need to create work that pushes the envelope, really challenges, scares me. I am lucky be in a time where I can spend the last thirty years of my life making the movies that I want to make”

You can find out more about David on the interviews below or via his website

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