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I Have lived in Singapore since October 2001 when I decided to return after 9/11 while I was in Canada looking for work to be with my wife. Like everyone else in the world I had no clue what was coming next and wanted to be her, my wife is Singaporean. Now you have to know that back in 1998 I was telling all my buddies after I retired from the Navy in 2001 I was going to move to the Philippines and live there so the move to Southeast Asia was always on my mind.

When I arrived back in Singapore I was give a 3 month visa about 1 month into it I decided to stay. So I applied for my Permanent Residents (PR) in the country. I gathered all the required documentation and applied. The process takes about 3 month before you know if you have been approved, well my first time applying was disapproved so when I applied the second time I added my tax information from the past three years (something that was not asked for by me but only from my wife) and 10 days later I was approved to received my Blue Identification Card. One thing about this process that I found kind of funny yet sad, under the Race section it only listed:

1) Asia
2) Eurasian
3) Caucasian
4) And one other can’t remember what

Well as you see there is no Negro on the list. So being a Negro what do I put? Ok, Caucasian but because I am surely not Asian and since I am part French (1/3) it seemed like the only choice to make. I just wondered how a whole race of people could have been forgotten on a government form like that!

So Then I could start to look for work and get things rolling. At the time I was 43 years and felt pretty confident that finding work would not be hard with my past experience. Well was I dead wrong about that. After 2 years of sending out resumes and only getting 1 response I took a job as a Security Officer. Did that for 3 months the got a job as a English tooter for a lady from China which I did on a 3 month contract. After that, more resumes and back to security again.

One day while at work I get a call offering me a job as an instructor for a new school that would be teaching security courses. So in November of 2004 I took up that job for 3 years but the school was not getting the students it was before and I had to move out to find a more stable job since back in 2005 my wife and I had gotten our flat and need a steady income.

So I did some freelance work setting up a few web site and other IT related projects to keep some money coming in. Being 50 years old in Singapore and trying to find a good paying job is not easy even for a local, so for me it was even harder since I still do not speak Chinese or Malay. Hell I can’t even work in a gas station here because the driver may not speak English that well if at all. Incase you didn’t know the gas stations in Singapore are full services stations.

So after a few months I am back at security (seems to be all I can get). While at work I get an offer from a company where I am stationed, cool deal I think. So I get the normal 3 month probation period before becoming permanent staff. Well after 1 month I am released and told I didn’t make it, make what I wasn’t shown anything to speak of and the job I was told I would be doing I never really did, but that’s ok if the company doesn’t want me that’s cool so I say “no hard feeling” take my check and quietly leave and return back home after a few months, security again!

An American in Singapore

When I talk to Singaporeans and I tell them I am from Los Angeles they get this idea in there head that I’m rich or something just because of where I am from which I can fully understand. You don’t see Americans living here unless they are working for some large company making S$10,000 a month.

Me, I make S$1,400 a month, work 12 hours a day 6 days a week, eat at the coffee shop, shop and the mama store, party in the smaller pubs or coffee shop and take public transportation or my bicycle to work. So it is safe to say that I am more of your average Singaporean then American now.

While I do enjoy living here there are times when my American brain just can’t understand some of the things that go on here which I’ll cover in the site.

Why the web site?

This sites started out as a 5 page site back in July 2001 when I was in Canada and wanted to post my wedding pictures and a few others things. The site is still running (Site) and is the mother of all other sites that followed it so that will always remain.

Warren’s saw started in August of 2004 and has grown to over 220 pages now has the forum site along with 3 other sites that cover different sides of the site and Asia. I wanted a site that people found useful and fun to read. But the main item I wanted was up-to-date information which is the hardest part of the site. Due to the club list I have it needs to be constantly updated since clubs come and go and names are changed a lot. Most of the other sites out there are very outdated and useless if you are looking for place to party so it misleads the readers. This can also apply to some of the bigger party web sites based in Singapore too. The yearly information sections are pretty straight forward if you are looking for official information on the country

Too often I had gone to a site and found it to be years out dated and into days information age that kind of site is of no good to anyone and that I did not want. Being a one man operation with a 12 hour job dose not leave me much time to maintain the site but I still managed to get it done.

I am always looking for new items to add that will be of help to the readers of the site and I always welcome any suggestions or updates you wish to share with the readers

Thank you for visiting my site and enjoy what I have put here for your view pleasure.

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